Jimmy Whoo is a self-taught artist and producer that represents an island of independence from the Parisian mainstream. His past two EP’s Motel Music, Pt.I & II, achieved a cult status with National radio airplay from France to the UK and college radio in the US. 


His new adventure, Basic Instinct, allowed him to take a journey of collaboration across genres, working with artists such as Canadian Chilly Gonzales and Belgian singer Lomboy. The LP was mastered by Alex Gopher and mixed by Mads Oustrup (Rhye -Woman).


The project is an even deeper immersion into the unique style of the artist. The music reflects a more intense aesthetic, more colorful and rhythmic, privileging an immediate connection with its audience. 


Jimmy Whoo went on a trip, and between planes and roads, has created a project with international influences, from France to the United States through Latin America. From the quiet of his studios, Jimmy returns with unprecedented power to highlight his project on the stage.